Who Am I?…

I’m Sam Wilkinson and I am on a mission to make people’s lives better. Untapped potential, no ambition or just a lack of self confidence and self esteem is something I see far too often. 
I came from a place as a child of being very shy, bullied at school and really spending most of my life apologising for myself or compromising myself to make others feel better. I did a good job, but there is another way!
We all have special gifts and I believe it is our duty to share, even if we inspire or make just one person’s life better then we’ve done a good job.
Lead by example is my moto and I strive to create a world full of connection, appreciation and love… and if you find that cheesy I challenge you to describe the world you’d like to live in! 
This is 100% possible.
Be the best you can be. It’s your duty. Transformation is inevitable.

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