Transformation is inevitable…

If transformation is inevitable then why do we find change so difficult? Change can feel like loss. When something has to change in our lives somehow we focus on the things that we are losing, and not on the things we are gaining, but without change there is no growth and how do we become better people without changing something in ourselves? Whether that be changing the way that we do things or changing our beliefs. Without letting go of old ways we can’t allow room for new things to grow.

Movement is everything, we are moving and evolving species, without growth we become stagnant, stuck and uninspired. Change therefore has to be accepted, we can not be stuck in the past, to do this is shunting our growth and our true being.

Maybe it is fear of the unknown, the act of letting go of something and not knowing what our new reality will look like or feel like. So we cling on to what we know. So far in my life no doors have ever truly presented themselves to me until I made the decision to let go of something. So then comes the question of trust, until you can trust yourself enough to know that even though you may feel unsure or afraid, you ‘do’ have all the answers, then you will always be blocking your potential. When you know or feel that something is no longer right, the only thing to do is to trust and let go, you may not know what the next path is but you have to trust that once you let go the next step will become clear.

Transformation is inevitable, change will happen, but it’s our acceptance and approach to change that will either allow us to fly or become trapped.

Sam Wilkinson | Base of Leigh

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