Don’t get stuck in indecision and procrastination

What happens when you can’t decide or when you can’t seem to move forward? I believe this is rooted in perfectionism and the want or need to control a situation, but unless you can come to the acceptance or understanding that any or all situations can never be completely controlled, then you will be foreverContinue reading “Don’t get stuck in indecision and procrastination”

Your insides are not somebody’s outsides

I recently watched a TedTalk by Anne Lamott – ’12 truths I learned from life and writing’, and one of the things she said was – don’t compare your insides with someone else’s outsides. This really stuck with me. We seem to spend a lot of our time comparing our true self with the externalContinue reading “Your insides are not somebody’s outsides”

Personal Boundaries

What boundaries do you have for yourself? Right now a lot of us are finding ourselves working from home, myself included, but I find myself drifting in and out of work and my substantial goals swimming around. This is because it becomes easy to see yourself as ‘self’ employed, I will just have another coffee,Continue reading “Personal Boundaries”

Transformation is inevitable…

If transformation is inevitable then why do we find change so difficult? Change can feel like loss. When something has to change in our lives somehow we focus on the things that we are losing, and not on the things we are gaining, but without change there is no growth and how do we becomeContinue reading “Transformation is inevitable…”