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Be the best you can be. It’s your duty.

My story

I’m Sam Wilkinson and I am on a mission to make people’s lives better. Untapped potential, no ambition or just a lack of self confidence and self esteem is something I see far too often. 
I came from a place as a child of being very shy, bullied at school and really spending most of my life apologising for myself or compromising myself to make others feel better. I did a good job, but there is another way!
We all have special gifts and I believe it is our duty to share, even if we inspire or make just one person’s life better then we’ve done a good job.
Lead by example is my moto and I strive to create a world full of connection, appreciation and love… and if you find that cheesy I challenge you to describe the world you’d like to live in! 
This is 100% possible.
Be the best you can be. It’s your duty.


“The meditations have been brilliant. Having the breath one in that first week really helped me to focus and free my chest so I felt I could breathe properly and got me into the right frame of mind ready for the sessions you sent through. They’re great.”

 E. Neame


Join me on my mission, for inspiration, ideas, techniques for life.

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